What is a boundary survey or commonly referred to as a property survey?     
A boundary survey describes, maps and locates land ownership boundaries and corners in accordance with state law. 

When should I request a boundary survey?

  • When property is divided into parcels or lot lines need to be adjusted. 
  • Sometimes when a property is to be sold or purchased will require a boundary survey.
  • If the property is planned to be improved or developed.
  • When you don't know where your property corners or property lines are located.
  • If you suspect possible encroachments or see evidence of an encroachment.

What does it cost to get my property surveyed?
Land survey prices can vary depending on terrain, property size and recent survey activity. Along with many other variables that impact the cost of survey. Please call or email Boundary Surveying & Mapping LLC for an estimate.

Moving to Oregon or moving to Washington?
Land survey laws in Oregon and Washington may be quite different from the state you are moving from. Contacting a land surveyor when purchasing land in Oregon or Washington is a part of the due diligence in real estate investment. Too many times this is overlooked or not accounted for in the cost of a real estate purchase. No matter if you are moving to Bellevue, Washington or moving to Bend, Oregon, contact a land surveyor.

Having a new fence installed?
Having your property fenced is a huge investment in your land. The protect that investment and to prevent additional cost and potential problems with neighbors call a land surveyor. In many cases the cost of having a fence installed in the wrong location is much greater than the cost of a survey. 

A survey is an investment in your land. Professional land surveying services will involve less time, concern and expenses than moving a fence, building or other improvements. Avoid litigation, inconvenience and large expenses, please retain the services of a Professional Land Surveyor prior to any investment in land or property development. 

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