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Boundary Surveying & Mapping LLC provides surveying services for project feasibility and assessment, construction layout, conceptual site planning and ALTA / NSPS Land Title surveys for lending.

Oregon utilities looking to comply with the RPS (Renewable Portfolio Standard) by building a facility, acquiring an eligible facility or improving an existing facility will need surveying services.  Washington utilities looking to comply with the Energy Independence Act (Chapter 19.285 RCW) will also need surveying services. Boundary Surveying & Mapping LLC has the surveying experience and can provide the dedicated surveying required for project feasibility and assessment, construction, conceptual and site planning, route surveying, easements and boundary determination.

For information regarding the State Renewable Portfolio Standards and Goals visit the National Conference of State Legislatures website.

Cellular Sites

We provide surveying services for design a new cellular pole and / or building equipment. We provide mapping for existing site locations, legal descriptions for lease areas and/or ALTA/NSPS surveys for existing sites.

Gas, Power & Water

Survey services for cities, municipalities and private utility companies needing existing or new easements retraced, marked in the field or described in a legal description. 

Utility and Renewable Energy Surveying Common Services Requested:
ALTA / NSPS Land Title Surveys
Construction Layout

Lease area descriptions
Ground Control for Aerial Mapping

Right of Way layout or retracement
Permitting Site Plans
Route Surveys
New Easements or Easements of Record
Site Plans
Topographic Map

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Surveying for Renewable Energy
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