As professional land surveyor’s, accuracy and thorough document research are critical to our success and in the best interest of our clients and the public. In our business, an inch can make all the difference and errors can easily result in significant financial losses. Choosing the right surveyor is not easy. You will be depending on the professional judgement of the surveyor you choose, so take some time, ask some questions, and choose carefully.

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Boundary Survey - A Boundary Survey is a procedure by which a Professional Land Surveyor establishes boundaries or established monuments and is an official survey that is recorded in the appropriate jurisdiction.  

ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey - Commercial real estate investors need a surveyor to provide an ALTA survey in an expedited timeline to meet lending and extended title coverage requirements. To be acceptable to a title insurance company for the purpose of insuring title to real property free and clear of survey matters, a survey of real property is required.

Surveying & Mapping Energy Services - Surveying and Mapping services for pre-development work in the Renewable Energy Sector and existing energy asset inventories. Including all services such as easements, right of way determinations, site plans, ALTA/ACSM surveys, construction and route surveys.
Adjustments - Boundary Line Adjustment / Property Line Adjustment require application and approval from the governing jurisdiction where the property is located. The surveyor can handle working with the governmental agencies, survey the land and file map and new descriptions.

As-built Surveys - After improvements have been made, a horizontal and vertical is survey performed. Providing locations and elevations of all improvements.  

Flood Determination - A determination of the existence or non-existence elevation in special flood hazard areas based on the current Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM).  

Legal Descriptions - A legal description is the legally accepted description or definition of a parcel of land. The legal descriptions can be prepared for easements, easement vacations, lease parcels, dedications, consolidation other documents requiring a description of land. 

Mapping - Boundary Surveying and Mapping LLC can provide topographic surveys and exhibit for any aspects of your project. Extensive Auto-CAD Civil 3D and MicroSurvey CAD knowledge helps create seamless integration with your project.

Plats - A map of a subdivision of land that has been subdivided into lots showing the location and boundaries of individual parcels with the streets, alleys, easements, and rights of use over the land of another. This a long multi-step process and can vary significantly depending on where the property is located. Consult with the appropriate local planning department regarding subdivision plats and partition plats in Oregon or regarding subdivision plats and short plats in Washington.

Plot Plans - A pre-construction drawing showing the location of proposed improvements such as buildings, walks and drives.

Right of Way Dedications and Easements - Some projects require various easements and/or right of way dedications that should be prepared by a professional land surveyor.

Site Planning for Feasibility Studies - Mapping required for potential project evaluations.  

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