Your project should always start with a good a boundary and topographic survey.

Topographic Map for Civil Design - BSM has years of experience collecting topographic survey information for civil engineering design. It’s key to collect the right topographic information accurately to prevent any design or build errors on a project. It’s also key for the surveyor to provide the topographic information to you in a format that works with your software.

Topographic Maps for Home Sites - BSM can provide topographic maps for house design and layout preliminary corners and final building corners for construction.

Does your firm receive surveys in a digital format that does not work with your software?
BSM can provide topographic surveys in the latest Autodesk Civil 3D formats and XML’s. If you need a custom format for a topographic survey, we will work with you to find a solution and a format that works with your software.

Do you need a topographic survey on your layers?
When you request a survey, provide a list of layers you would like the topographic survey information to be on. This is a service to you as a client of Boundary Surveying & Mapping LLC.

Does your firm receive surveys that doesn’t work with your plot styles?
Don't waste time getting your project to look good with information you paid for. Too much time is wasted on “reformatting” surveys for architectural and engineering projects. Get the survey, plot files and PDF’s in the file formats you need to use for your finish design.

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